Wednesday, 2 July 2014

All that matters is "they had fun"

The weather has been scorching hot here and in a quest to keep cool we headed off to the lake.  At our local park there are mini private beaches all along the shore line which is the perfect solution for us.  It probably took us longer to get ready to go, than we were actually able to stay, before the screaming melt downs started. We arrived at the beach and loaded the babies into the stroller, grabbed our towels, swimsuits, lifejackets and cooler packed with our lunch so we can find our "private beach".

As soon as we arrive at the beach we all eat our lunch which is not your typical picnic as we have many dietary needs. One child is on a Ketogenic diet for seizure control that must also be pureed due to swallowing issues and the "babies" (2 and 4 years old) require pureed food also.  Then there are the other 3 kids with swallowing challenges that are at a "soft chewable" level of eating plus a few of us that can eat a typical meal.  While enjoying our lunch I make a point of taking a couple pictures while everyone is happy.  After lunch the plan is to play in the water so everyone needs to change into swim wear.  The 10 year old is able to put on her own swimsuit with a few directions and the teens already had their swimsuits on.  Time to change the more dependent children - how is it possible that all 6 in diapers have soiled themselves in the 30 minutes since leaving the vehicle.  Diapers changed, swimsuits on and then their sensory issues make it that they do not want to go in the water.  The 4 year old starts screaming and throwing things for no apparent reason.  The 6 year old wearing his swim shorts without a diaper pees himself and starts screaming that he is wet (and doesn't understand how he got wet).  The 8 year old has a seizure, even with the diet and medication, (the extreme heat brings on seizures for her) that scares her and she starts crying.  3 are crying so 2 more quickly join in because they feel that's the thing to do.  Time for this beach excursion to end, we pack up quickly and get home before all heck breaks loose.

  Dad gets home from work 1 hour later and the kids excitedly tell him how much fun they had at the beach.  It is amazing their perspective on the day, it makes the effort worthwhile.  They don't remember the peed pants, the not wanting to go into the water, the seizures, the crying or the fact we were there less than a hour.  They remember going to the lake and it was fun.  Fortunately the pictures also show we were at the beach and everyone was happy.


  1. Wow! That is a lot of work for the short time at the beach. What an awesome mom for making that happen. You are making special memories for your children that they will never forget. May God bless and encourage you today.

  2. Laurie at Parental Intelligence
    You made the day work and enjoyed the sunshine. Go for it!