Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Bald eagles, blue herons and an unintended dunk in the ocean

Today my husband and I spent the day with friends kayaking.  Our friends were in town visiting, with their other friends and asked us to join them for a day on the ocean.  Getting out without kids and spending time with adults is very important however quite often is one of the first things to go when busy with children and day to day life.  We were kayaking in a bay which was beautiful with lots of wildlife including bald eagles and blue herons.  Later we stopped briefly on a very small island and then continued on, stopping at the "point" for the lunch.

After lunch we ventured out into the open ocean which was not our smartest move.  The water was very rough between the waves and the wake from much larger boats.  My sweet hubby helped launch the 5 of us and when he went to launch himself a large wave came, dumping the kayak and him into the ocean.  Fortunately he fared much better than his cell phone, that had most of the pictures from the day.  Once he righted himself and the kayak we made our way into the open seas which made for very difficult paddling.

Overall it was a great day and a much needed break from day to day life.

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