Monday, 9 June 2014

What are you thinking?

We are on a road trip with 12 of our children.  While preparing for this trip we have had many comments from friends and family, along the lines of "are you crazy", "what are you thinking" or "better you than me". Yes we may be crazy but with our oldest daughter graduating college in a community 1500 kilometers away we felt the most feasible way of us all attending is a road trip and if you are going to drive that far you might as well make a vacation out of it.

The week has been spent preparing the family bus - we just had the transmission replaced as it failed just before our planned trip, we are so relieved and thankful it blew before our big adventure.  One of our adult sons gained the ranking of "favorite" big brother and installed a television on our bus for the trip.  While at home, television time is extremely limited so watching while driving is even more exciting.  Many of the children think this means that we can watch "Frozen" non stop on our adventure.  How many times can you watch "Frozen" in a 3000 kilometer round trip?

Packing was an exhausting and never ending process, I was thinking how appealing the idea of becoming nudists would be.  If we didn't have to pack clothing and only required sunscreen that would be easier.  The nudist idea wasn't well received with any of the kids, so packing it was.  14 people with 1 weeks worth of clothing each quickly added up.  2 wheelchairs and 1 twin stroller, play pens, air matresses, diapers, medications, oxygen therapy equipment, first aid supplies, meal supplements, school work and we are packed and ready.

We were up at 3 am and out of the house by 4 am.  The younger kids although they have been telling everyone they see, for the last few weeks that they are going away, have been asking non stop "where are we going?"

The first day of our trip has been mostly driving.  We drove 2 hours, then caught a ferry off of the island, and then continued driving most of the day.  Along the drive our "Frozen" obsessed daughter continually asked, every time she saw a snow covered mountain, if that was the "north" mountain and if "Elsa" was there.  We made a couple quick stops and received many stares and the usual comments "are you a daycare?" or "a birthday party?" etc.  A couple of the teenagers have been brainstorming ways to get people not to stare and have been making bizarre faces thinking people won't look at them.

We finally arrived at a hotel for the evening and divided ourselves between two rooms.  Dad who did not get to nap along the drive, then had a nap, while the rest of us invaded the heated outdoor swimming pool.


  1. Love it! I'm next, 1 parent to 11 children! Love your informative posts!

  2. You are very brave and I feel like such a slacker with only 2 little ones. Have a great trip!

  3. Have fun on your adventure, you crazy people! I am exhausted just thinking about everything you must do! I think you should make the "how many times can you watch Frozen in 3000KM" a homeschool assignment!