Saturday, 7 June 2014

Access 2 Entertainment

We try and get out and about often with our family.  With the special needs presented within our family we are limited with the activities that some are able to participate in and the cost can also add up very quickly (even more so if you are a large family).  We frequently visit tourist attractions as this is something accessible to people with disabilities.  To help with the cost, the members of our family with disabilities have an "Access 2 entertainment" card.  These cards cost $20 and are good for 5 years.  In our country these cards are issued through "Easter seals" to qualified individuals.

Who can apply?
Persons with a permanent disability who require a support person when attending a movie theatre are eligible for the card. There are no age restrictions. The applicant (or guardian) must agree to follow the terms and conditions for use of the card.

With this card the patron with special needs pays the regular fee to enter the attraction and the "escort/support person" can enter free of charge.  This is beneficial because the person with the disabilities frequently requires one on one support.  For favorite attractions we will buy a season pass for the child.  Season passes for children at most attractions are inexpensive and paired with the "access 2 entertainment" card we can frequently enjoy these venues at minimal costs.  

The "access 2 entertainment" card also works at some movie theaters in the same fashion as it does for tourist attractions.  Here is a link for the attractions that participate in this program.  Whenever we go to an attraction we ask if they have a disabled rate and show them the card because quite often they will offer a disabled rate even if they are not part of the program.  

Another way that we have reduced this cost is by using the children's "special needs school funding" (we have access to this being a homeschooling family) to purchase season passes for the children to educational attractions.  We have been able to purchase seasons passes to museums, IMAX theater, aquariums, animal refuge, etc.  

I would highly recommend looking into this program or seeing if your community offers something similar.  The added benefit of being able to access these attractions at a reduced rate is if your child has an issue, that makes it that you need to leave sooner than intended, is that it hasn't cost you a fortune and hopefully you can try it again another day.  
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  1. Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely check to see if the card is offered in the US. Bethany's CSS plan pays for her aides' admissions costs but not parents.