Thursday, 12 June 2014

Tornadoes, Friends and Gophers! Oh, and the odd dinosaur!!!

Last night brought major storms including tornado warnings to the neighboring communities.  The thunder, lightening and wind were incredible (what do you mean we might have to evacuate).  Where we live we rarely get thunder and lightening and never get tornadoes, I am sure the locals thought we were crazy as we were in awe over the weather.

Today's adventures were all about dinosaurs, first we went and saw the worlds largest dinosaur and many smaller dinosaur models.  Then we went to the Royal Tyrell Museum of Palaeontology.  This museum collects, preserves, researches and interprets all aspects of fossil heritage.

Outside of the museum there were many semi tame gophers running all over the place.  Not having gophers were we live and the fact that they are kind of cute, our children were very interested in them.  They spent quite a bit of time trying to catch them with the hopes of bringing one home (which was not an option).

Later in the afternoon we were then back on the road to our final destination, our daughters college, 1500 kilometers from home.  She had to be at the college early enough to get all the prep done for tomorrow's graduation.  Having done her last semester, her practicum in our hometown, she was very excited to see her college friends once again.

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