Tuesday, 4 March 2014

They have hatched

As a homeschooling family we are always looking for ways to make our learning "real" so when we read about the "Salmoniods in the Classroom" program with the Department of fisheries we knew this was for us.  After many emails and phone calls we were able to be included in this program and became the proud "parents" to 100 salmon eggs.

After a training program we set up an aquarium with a chiller 2 weeks before the eggs were delivered so that everything would be stable when the eggs arrived.  The aquarium needed to be blacked out as salmon eggs and alevin are very sensitive to light.

After caring for the eggs for about 1 month (they were already 2 months old when they arrived) all but 1 egg became alevin.  The alevin will feed off of the yolk sack for the next few weeks as they continue growing to "fry".

While raising the eggs we have also been studying the life cycle of salmon, the different types of salmon and the habitat that they live in.  We have watched videos, read books, and completed worksheets.  Over the next few months we will continue working on this unit, keep reading to watch our fish develop.

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