Wednesday, 12 March 2014


It's spring break here so we are mixing things up for 2 weeks.  Yesterday we went to the IMAX to watch this penguins documentary.  As we have a few that are obsessed with penguins this movie was a huge hit with all.

Today we decided to continue the penguin theme with the younger crew while the older ones had their own things to do.  We filled that sensory table with "Epsons" salt to signify snow and blue glass marbles to signify water.  We added penguins that we have from one of our games and then their predators a couple whales and seals.  This resulted in many hours of imaginative play that we broke up with some arts and crafts.

We also did some artwork first we painted the paper aiming for horizontal lines to practice our pre printing skills - which weren't successful for all.  Then we did some gluing, cutting (most needed help) and getting creative to create beautiful penguins.

We ended the day with the movie "Happy Feet" just before bed.

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  1. The penguins you made together are great. It's funny how so many kids have a fascination with them, my son has a whole shelf of penguin teddies so I know he'd love some penguin themed crafts too #letkidsbekids

  2. Lovely to create a theme from something you've done or seen. Love your penguins!
    Thanks for sharing with #LetKidsBeKids