Saturday, 1 March 2014

Such a devastating positon

I don't know how many of  you saw the recent news story were Sarah Vibert felt forced to create a blog and then be interviewed on the evening news to "Help her find a home for Emma and Emily" her young daughters.  For those who did not see or hear about this story this loving mother has a spinal cord injury and MS and is currently living in an extended care facility.  The children's father is not in the picture for his own reasons so the children had been temporarily staying with family friends but they were unable to continue caring for the children.  There was also no other friends or family that could help.

This amazing mother that can no longer physically care for her children was forced to make the selfless decision of finding a suitable home for her children as she did not want to see her girls grow up in the foster care system.  I personally can not imagine the emotional pain that "Sarah" must be going through making a decision as big and difficult as this.  Fortunately after her plea went public she had an overwhelming response that now she has options that she will need to wade through and hopefully she will find the perfect match.

Hearing stories like this are a good reminder to all of us to plan for the future - if you have children make a "will" appointing a guardian for if something happens to you or your spouse.  Build a support network around you and your family so in the event of an emergency you have help.  Also be that support network for others so they don't feel alone and they have a place to turn.

Families that have children with special needs and/or that have adopted may have to make a stronger effort of building a support network.  Everyone has different strengths so you may need to expand your circle to find support for all the needs you and your family may have.  We need to learn from Sarah Vibert and reach out when we don't feel supported and we may be pleasantly surprised by the response.

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