Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Crafting away our stresses

Life has been extremely hectic around here with the never ending renovations, Christmas preparations, power outages, flooding basement and the arrival of our adorable but very sick grand daughter.  So the kids and I decided to step away from the stress and spend the day baking, crafting and watching Christmas movies.

Christmas trees and stars made out of popsicle sticks and then decorated with glitter glue and sequins.

Sugar cookies galore, mixing colors of icing seemed like a good idea to some resulting in some unique colors.
Beading on pipe cleaners to make snowflakes and candy canes.  This was excellent for practicing our fine motor skills.
We also used coffee filters to make angels.  The heads were made from cotton balls cover with the coffee filter.
These reindeer were a huge success with hours of imaginative play after they were created.  I don't know if they will survive long enough to make it on the Christmas tree.


  1. Wishing health. I completely understand how crafting helps!

  2. I love those sugar cookies. I would make mine look like radioactive, multicolored glow sticks.