Tuesday, 16 December 2014

And the Best Gingerbread House of the Year is....

Gingerbread houses galore around here.  When the years have come and gone, the moments that make your Christmas memories special are the Christmas traditions.  Quickly forgotten are the bright colored toys and the latest electronic gadgets.  What remains is the special times created through traditions.  Our family has many family traditions that we do at home together each year.  Some of our family traditions take into consideration our limitations as a family limiting the stresses that can be put on people at this time of year.

Each year as a family we have a gingerbread house building competition.  Who ever is available, including adult children and grandchildren, attends and we pair off for a friendly competition.  This year, one daughter participated via Skype as she wasn't finished college for Christmas break yet.  Some of our more creative family members modify the original gingerbread house creating unique master pieces.  The younger less able children have the option of pairing off with an older member of the family or they can decorate and eat gingerbread men.  This year 5 decorated gingerbread men with Mom while the others paired off making houses.

After all the houses are complete we have the judging.  Dad inspects all the houses coming up with a unique description/category that each house wins for.

Best rendition of a house fire

Trailer park house, with truck on blocks and gingerbread man drinking from his red solo cup

Best architectural design

Most traditional gingerbread house

Best candy train

Most realistic Santa and house

House that has traveled the most via Skype
and finally 
the house using the most candy

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