Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Inclusive outside play

I love this time of year, getting outside this spring is a very welcome activity after a long cold, wet, dreary winter.  It is an added bonus, after an extended cycle, of multiple daily seizures, that just didn't seem to want to stop for one child.  Getting outside and playing does wonders for childhood development.   With our developmentally delayed children getting out and playing helps master skills that the physical and occupational therapists are working on with the child but the best part is their happy smiles.

With multiple needs within our family sometimes it takes getting creative so everyone can enjoy outside play.  At home we have built our play area trying to meet everyone's needs.

We included activities for the mobility impaired - a wheelchair accessible sensory table provides endless hours of fun.  An outdoor "music" play area, a chalkboard, easel, special needs swings and a tether ball.  How about an outdoor garden that your child can sit at for hours of imaginative play?  We made this one adding landscape details around a variety of small toys.

Our playground has also been "overbuilt" for added strength.  Having young adult children that are cognitively functioning much younger means they still want to "play".  Swings that support an adult, a trampoline, bars high enough off the ground for an adult to hang from (but safe enough for younger children), a rock climbing wall and a climbing cargo net.

All of these adaptions have been added over time and make for a playground that can be enjoyed by everyone.  What have you done to encourage play with your children?
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  1. Looks like a very fun and inviting outdoor play area! We have trampoline and a swing deck!