Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Fish hatchery field trip

We have been raising salmon eggs that are now fry, as a culmination of our learning we went to a local fish hatchery and participated in a 3 part presentation with other members of our homeschooling community. Upon arrival we were divided into 3 groups and went through various stations.

The first station we attended was "ocean food web" at this station we learned how plants, animals, fish and the sun interact in nature's food web.  We were given different cards which included the sun, plankton, barnacles, herring, salmon, whales, eagles, etc. and learned how all these need one another for life.  To reinforce the "web" idea we had a string that was passed from one person to another connecting the different needs ie. plankton is food for herring, herring for salmon, salmon for whales.

Then we went on a "forest walk/fry release"  to learn about the various native plants and how they contribute to the rivers ecosystem.  We each released some Chum fry into the stream after learning what traits are needed for survival of the fry.
The last station was "aquatic insects/invertebrate" where we studied various insects that live in the waters around us.  At the end of the class we caught insects from the touch tank, studied and identified the bugs with the aid of a magnifying glass then returned them to the tank.
What a fun day of learning, spent outside in the sun with our friends.

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  1. What a fun trip! We have been to 2 different fish hatcheries on trips....and it was enjoyable. One had a butterfly house also. So glad you were able to do this. :)