Thursday, 10 April 2014

Anything but clothes!

Today my daughter and I were getting creative!  She is participating in a fundraising fashion show benefiting  a classmate that is in need of a lung replacement due to cystic fibrosis.  At this fashion show they will be wearing outfits from various local business and they also will be wearing an "anything but clothes" outfit of their own creating.  Each participant is free to be as creative as they would like the options are endless - party supplies, pencils, straws, flagging tape, disposable cups, etc.
Are chosen medium is a space blanket with the support of duct tape and double sided tape.  We started with an old t-shirt and taped/reinforced a cut line down the back of the t-shirt for getting out of the outfit when complete.  We then taped the bodice for shaping and support.  The next step was to tape a black garbage bag to the bodice which will provide modesty if the foil tears while walking on stage.
  Once the foundation was made we added the space blanket. Twisting a long narrow strip of the blanket we centered it at the top of the  bodice and secured it using 2 sided carpet tape. At the back we left the long lengths to tie into a bow which helps disguise the opening.
We then used more 2 sided tape at the waste and added panels to make the skirt.  We used more 2 sided tape to seam the panels together.
We cut off the additional length to make the dress the desired length.  Used more 2 sided tape to secure everything where we wanted.  Once we had the desired look we cut off the parts of the t-shirt that were not required in the dress and cut an opening for getting the dress on and off.

And the grand finale the completed dress, ready for the dress rehearsal

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  1. What a beautiful dress! Honestly if I hadn't read the whole post I wouldn't have known what it was made of. Wonderful job!

  2. Looks fabulous ! So creative. Well done :-)

  3. That is awesome! It looks great and I hope you guys raise a lot of money for your friend!

  4. That is extremely cool!