Friday, 20 February 2015

Substituting art for therapy

We have been working our way through the kindergarten level of the Home Art Studio.  I like when we have activities that incorporate many of  our therapy and educational goals so the kids don't realize they are working and this weeks art project fit right in (with minimal modifications).  Today's project was a Van Gogh inspired Sunflower picture.

Before starting this project we went for a walk and discussed the seasons.  We made a point of noticing that spring is coming and plants are starting to sprout.  When making our picture we discussed how the sunflower seeds that we eat are actually the seeds for the plant to reproduce.

Occupational therapy
Cutting straight lines and circles
Tearing paper to make leaves
Glueing and working on hand strength by squeezing the glue
Using our pincher grasp picking up sunflower seeds and placing them in the center of the flower

Speech therapy
We worked on "prepositions" when discussing where to place the various parts of the picture - beside, next to, in front of, under, etc.
Also we worked on following directions from 1-3 steps depending on the child

Shapes - circles and rectangles
Length and size (in relation to the stems and circles)
Counting (circles, flowers, stems, and sunflower seeds that we placed in the center of the flower)
Patterning when painting the background

We have really been enjoying the Home Art Studio as a way of creatively working on our goals and the kids are extremely excited whenever they see "art" listed on their daily schedule wondering what this week project will be.


  1. What a sweet activity! Isn't it awesome that we can cover so much in just one creative project?

  2. I love this! Sneaky teaching through art. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love it when learning comes together like this.
    Blessings, Dawn