Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Dog Food, A Balanced Meal For 11 Children???

Today, after our weekly therapy appointments, I needed to make a quick stop at Costco for dog food. Let me start by saying I really try not to take the kids grocery shopping as herding them through the store is a challenge when you have a couple in wheelchairs, 3 sitting in the shopping cart and others so distracted and overwhelmed that they aren't functioning well.  Added to today's feat was the fact that they were all tired from 5 1/2 hours of therapy and it seemed that almost every person needed to make a comment about the size of our family today.

So for the people of Costco today....

Yes there was 11 kids with me and that did not change no matter how many times they were counted by various shoppers (I was personally relieved that I had the same number going into the store as coming out of the store.  It always makes for a more successful day when you don't loose anyone.)

Yes they are all mine

No they don't have the same birth father....but they do have the same adoptive father

Yes I know what causes extensive amount of adoption paperwork (probably not what some were thinking)

Yes my hands are full and I prefer it that way as I couldn't imagine them being empty.

For the person who stated "rather you than me", my children and I agree

And a special thought for the gentleman that followed me through the store making comments to himself in every isle and then feeling it necessary to comment on my dog food purchase.  First, I must say that your comments won for most creativity and something I hadn't heard yet.  Second, although dog food may provide a balanced meal (for dogs), be cheaper than human food, and require less preparation I will not be taking you up on your suggestion of feeding it to my children.


  1. Most dog food is toxic to humans if ingested regularly. I'm glad you disregarded that advice.

  2. Isn't it amazing how people feel they can just pass comment on other people's families?! I, too, have had the "at least you know how you get them now" comment, and I was out with only two children (they were fostered children, very close in age). People are strange!