Friday, 29 August 2014

Bringing back fun

We have many medical and therapy appointments for our children and at times have been so busy focusing on getting it "all" done that we haven't taken enough time for ourselves or enjoying life.  The children need time to be kids and not just being transported from one appointment to the next.

In the past, for Children's Hospital visits, we made the mistake of getting up extremely early and traveling for multiple hours, arriving tired and cranky, only to return home after more travel, very late and exhausted.  After deciding that the trips to the hospital are inevitable but how we handle them is optional, we made the decision to make each trip a mini vacation.  Fortunately most of our children's hospital visits are for non-intrusive procedures leaving the kids able to participate in other activities either before or after the appointment.

Now when going to Children's Hospital we book a hotel arriving the day before the appointment and leaving the day after.  Did you know that hotels near various hospitals have a much cheaper "hospital" rate?  Also various medical plans and/or some government programs will pay a portion of the hotel cost.  These programs are a huge asset for families needing the hospital.  On our most recent hospital visit we were able to have 2 adjoining rooms for $19 each, with the support of these programs.  Some medical plans and government programs will also pay mileage and ferry costs (if required).  If you need to travel for medical appointments be sure to check what supports are available.

On our recent trip to Children's hospital we left home just after breakfast to travel for our medical appointments.  Upon arrival we had time for a relaxing dinner and then a swim in the hotel pool.  Swimming at the hotel pool is always a treat for our children since the majority of time they have sole use of the pool.  The next day we arrived well rested for our long day of multiple appointments, after 9 long hours we returned to the hotel for dinner and another swim.  Our final day of this hospital/mini holiday we spent at the local zoo before returning home in time for bed.

My hope is that when reminiscing about their childhood the fun activities stick out more than the multiple appointments with doctors and therapists.

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